Domino’s vs. Papa John’s: Which Pizza Delivery Stock is a Better Buy?

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Over the past year, restaurants have rearranged their businesses, focusing, notably, on their delivery networks to remain operational amid pandemic-driven lockdowns. However, as the economy revives, and with significant progress on the vaccination front, the demand for dining in restaurants is rebounding. The National Restaurant Association forecasts a 10.7% rise in sales for full-service establishments and an 8% increase in sales for limited-service restaurants in 2021. The forecast bodes well for both DPZ and PZZA.

DPZ share price has gained 36.1% over the past year, while PZZA’s has returned 26.4% over the period. Also, DPZ’s 36.8% gain year-to-date is slightly higher than PZZA’s 35.7% return. Nevertheless, PZZA is the clear winner with 44.2% gains versus DPZ’s 36.6% in terms of their past nine months’ performance.

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